Online poker for money: how to make more money

You have been playing poker for money on the Internet for some time, but are you still not too happy with the amount that is deposited on the account in the room? Well, of course, in order to win more, you will have to continue to painstakingly work on the game. But there are still a few less obvious points that can quickly help you earn more.

Basic advice – choose the right room for the game

Basic advice Online poker

Many people come to online poker through advertisements on the Internet or through the advice of friends. Naturally, in most such cases, there is no question of choosing the most profitable room with the best conditions. Most likely, the player simply registers on the first site that comes across. But this is fundamentally wrong.

You should also take care of the safety of your future winnings ashore and the convenient possibility of their withdrawal. Therefore, it is worth choosing a site for the game with a good image and certificates confirming a high level of security.

The second important point that will directly affect your earnings is the quality and quantity of bonuses and promotions that the room organizes and its Rakeback.

Considering the characteristics mentioned above, we recommend that you, first of all, pay attention to the popular rooms such as GGpokerok, Pokerstars, Partypoker, and 888poker.

Rake to live with

As sad as it is, there is a fee to pay for every hand you take part in. The room deducts a certain percentage from each played pot. This is the payment for his services. The amount of this percentage varies depending on the site and the limit played. Check-in advance if you don’t want to overpay.

And always take into account such a position as Rakeback – a part of the commission that the room returns to the account of active players. On some sites, the Rakeback ceiling is 5%. And, for example, in some rooms, with the proper level of diligence, you can get back up to 50% of the paid rake.

Get started with a no deposit bonus

Get started with a no deposit bonus

If you are a complete newbie or just not ready to invest in a poker game just yet, look for sites that provide a no deposit bonus to new players. There you will receive a certain amount of money on your account for the very fact of registration. At 888poker, for example, after logging in for the first time, you will find $8 in cash and tournament tickets in your account. And under the condition of active play, he will be able to receive 10 more of the same transfers for the amount of $8.

Or refer to the rooms where there are task cycles for beginners. By completing missions, you can get tickets to tournaments and money to your account. Prize tutorials can be found at Pokerstars and Partypoker.

The deposit promises additional benefits

If you carefully study the official site of the room, you can easily find a couple of profitable promo codes on it. They usually apply to the first deposit and can bring either a fixed amount of money or an additional percentage of the deposit amount on top. At 888poker you can use the 10PLUS code to get an extra $10 in your account. Money is credited instantly and in full.

And at Partypoker, you can take advantage of the second type of bonus. When you deposit up to $500, you can get the same amount from above. But in this case, you will have 90 days to play in the Belarusian club of poker fans for money and generate a rake.